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a) Homecare Marketing team

The Homecare team will use social media to introduce the app. We will also use printed media in partnership with other companies to inform the public about the Enjoy Life app (Explained later on this page). Furthermore, we will advertise on radio to inform the public about the Foundation, the Enjoy Life app how restaurants and fast-food businesses offer special deals to assist the patients.


We will monitor the rate that people download the app for 3 months after we implemented all the different distribution channels explained on this page.


We might decide to do television advertisements if are concerned that we are behind our 2 million target. We will ask all the companies involved to donate a once off fee of R1 000 if we decide on a television media campaign. Certain role players, for example Spar who we target for the Food supplying industry, might be requested to make larger contributions. We have the responsibility towards patients to ensure that the Enjoy Life app is functional. We will therefore go the extra mile if needed.

We are in a fortunate position that thousands of companies will benefit via the Enjoy Life app and we can therefore commit to restaurateurs that the Enjoy Life app will have the best possible distribution plan that will be managed to ensure success. People will know that the app is a tool that raises funds.People will know that the app is a tool that raises funds.

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