Pre-launch competition

Win R250 000 to tick your Bucket List!

Participants also earn points when they purchase digital vouchers that they can use to buy their own groceries. Participants will be updated via SMS on the number of points accumulated.  A point = 1 entry. The more points the participant has, the better the chances of winning the competition. Winner will be selected via a Lucky draw system. Competition closes on 31 December 2020.  


This competition is funded by the Homecare Foundation


The Homecare Foundation develops the Enjoy Life phone app that will enable us to raise small amounts from thousands of South Africans, without them paying for any donations personally. These small donations will help feed bedridden patients and will also help child protection organizations protect vulnerable children.


The Homecare Foundation negotiates with food supplying companies to help us in future. We want to implement a system where we can use the Enjoy Life app technology to monitor that caretakers of patients buy groceries and not items such as alcohol or cigarettes.

To prevent people from buying unwanted items, we decided that it will be better if the Homecare Foundation can issue a caretaker vouchers to purchase groceries, instead of paying funds into the caretaker’s bank account. This will help to ensure that the funds we raise is utilized for the cause.

We ask readers to support us. We raise funds when you purchase your own groceries via Digital Vouchers and Gift Cards.

Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail that explains in detail how you can purchase vouchers and where you can use these vouchers. We already negotiated digital voucher support from all the major food companies in South Africa.

Thank you for becoming a Homecare friend!

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