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How will the Phone app benefit all the different companies that use it for media?


The phone app pushes media messages that offer exceptional deals. An app user can for example buy a steak at a top restaurant for only R20. The app will also push messages that offer exceptional deals on products within the person’s sport/hobby interests..

All the companies on-board will benefit from our strategy to partner with top restaurants. People in general are lazy. The phone app will systematically influence the person’s subconscious mind that the phone app only publishes media that offers “great deals” In reality, the Spar business owner might one day post a special on “milk”. The milk might even be R1 more expensive than what other companies sell it for.

Because people became so used to “great deals”, they will act on the special posted by Spar. Few people will research prices of products in the finest detail.

The phone users will also became so used to media messages on their phones, that they will eventually stop searching for information in other media platforms.

The fact that business owners can communicate with people visiting their area for the first time, without them knowing about the business or happens to drive past the business, will also help business owners using the Enjoy Life app as communication tool tremendously.

Phone app technology also includes additional advantages. Fuel stations for example plan in-store specials that they run for a month. The reason for this is that Head Office needs to supply the forecourts with printed media in order for them to advertise the specials on offer. Printed media slows down the process. It will in future with the phone app be possible to offer additional specials that they can for example run for 7 days. They might draw more clients if they constantly change the specials on offer. The same principal applies to all the companies that rely on printed media to advertise in-store specials.


The Phone app will furthermore support companies that sell freshly baked products enormously. Think about companies such as Spar who often needs to mark down their baked products that did not sell during the day. These companies will be able to push specials to people’s phones about marked down products at for example 17H00 just before they prepare to close business.  


Phone app technology will also change the way restaurants and fast-food businesses market specials. Most companies try to establish a weekly “special” routine. Monday night = 2 burgers for the price of 1. Tuesday night = 50% of pizzas etc. Phone technology can help restaurateurs to work out other specials. The specials can be more focused on extra products they have in stock for example if they have additional fish that did not sell during the previous day etc. Restaurateurs can also use phone technology to publish meals that are not part of their “menu items” to draw additional clients.  

We highlight the benefits for other businesses again. We made a statement earlier in the introduction section that it will be possible to make business owners a reasonable request… Please support our restaurant partners at least once every two months

To explain; Companies literally pay thousands to Google so they can buy “key words”. They pay large amounts so their website can be listed on the top page of Google when people search for information. … Can you imagine Google phone the company and say; please, do not pay us for the media exposure…all we need you to do is to Enjoy Life… use the money and treat yourself at one of our partnering restaurants… Can you imagine how many business owners will jump for such an opportunity?

Take into consideration that the Homecare Foundation pushes the message the company wants to get out, to the correct person they want to target! We do not rely on the person to search for information on the internet etcetera!!!

Furthermore, media is only one section of the support strategy. The phone app provides a comprehensive support service.  We will explain how the Bucket list section and other services will help business owners with service ratings, and loyalty programmes. It is the complete package that will ensure that business owners do support the Foundation and the restaurant partners on our “reasonable request”.

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