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4) Monitoring that business partners support your company

We only have one request when we support companies, and that is that each business owner should download the Enjoy Life app themselves.


Furthermore, we also ask these companies to support our “key business partners”, the companies who were instrumental in setting up the network.


We put in reasonable requests. We request that the business owner should at least support one fuel station on our network per month. We will also ask them to support one of our “key restaurant partners” at least once every two months.


Remember that we foresee to support approximately 6 000 businesses in South Africa. People often travel and therefore any of these 6 000 business owners could support your restaurant.


When we help business owners to download the phone app we have to provide special settings allowing the business owners to manage their own company’s marketing on the cell phone platform. The software therefore recognises which Enjoy Life app users are actually clients working in partnership with us. We can therefore monitor the support that we receive from business partners.


When these business owners travel, the phone app will guide them to our fuel station partners as well as informing them which restaurants must be supported.


Business owners of companies in your local area will obviously know which restaurants and fuel stations are requested to be supported.


We believe that it is a reasonable request to ask for support at least once every two months, and that the fuel station partner should be supported at least once a month.


We do not want to force people into changing the preferred companies they deal with, but a reasonable request can be requested.

How will we monitor support?

The software will provide our management team with a report of business owners who did not uploaded a till slip from our fuel station or restaurant partners. (The function where people take photos of till slips and enter to earn bucket list points.) 


The software (phone app) will send friendly reminders to these business owners, asking them to support our network. It is a team effort to provide to bedridden patients and the Foundation does a lot of work to help them (business owners) in their businesses as well. We might withdraw our support when people are not willing to honour a reasonable request.


Remember that we will deal with people who will be able to support a restaurant. It is business owners within the tourism industry and other business owners such as fuel station owners, boutique clothing stores, financial advisors and numerous other companies. They might buy only one dinner in two months, but it will be from the restaurants we request.

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