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c) App development for restaurants

Talking to people within your community, versus talking to people visiting the area


One of the great advantages is that we effectively help management teams. Media should reach your target area within minutes if possible.


It is also great when you can plan media for different purposes. Restaurants can for example plan specials for the night based on information we can supply. We will for example be able to show the management team a report like this:


Enjoy Life app users within 10km radius:

This is important information. To know who entered the restaurant’s marketing area for the first time can help restaurateurs to target guests with a media plan specifically designed for them.


To know how many locals are in town, and also the age categories can help to plan media campaigns (specials that might interest them) aimed at the largest age category.


We know exactly - with tracking technology -  if the phone owner resides in the area, and if he/she is in town for business or for leisure. The message partners want to post appears on the person’s phone. He/she does not need to search for restaurants on websites.


You cannot reach people via print or social media where you can plan in the finest detail to ensure better success. The Enjoy Life app is a breakthrough to help companies reach medium to high LSM income people with media that is applicable. You can only offer steaks at special tonight if you have extra stock etc.

You can post your campaign for example at 17H00 and the message will reach people immediately. Guests driving into the catchment area for the first time can be reached. You might get people traveling for work and they only arrived in town after-hours. They may be planning to eat in a restaurant that night. The phone app will target them immediately.


You will note that we inform management teams on how many “foreigners” are in their catchment area. The Enjoy Life app will be introduced to tourists who arrive in South Africa (More detail later on page). The Enjoy Life app software enables restaurateurs to plan specific media campaigns to invite these tourists into the restaurant. They are prime clients to target, as they often spend larger amounts at restaurants. (Our weak exchange rate is in their favour). The Foundation will in future also allocate more than R1.3 million per month into specific campaigns aimed to secure business from foreigners.

We already explained that an app user has the ability to set on his/her phone the maximum number of messages that should reach him/her per day. We believe it is important to allow the user the media exposure he/she prefers. The app user will only be able to set the minimum messages to 3 per day. The messages will reach him/her in a preferred time slot.


This is important to understand. The software needs to priorities messages and manage it according to the user’s request. Messages from restaurant partners are always the highest priority.

There might be 12 restaurants that eventually use the Enjoy Life app as a communication platform. The software will queue messages that need to reach the phones. For example, 9 of the 12 restaurants want to post a message today to the users. The first restaurant to post a message will be first to broadcast.

There are for example 108 phones in the catchment area:

In this example 12 phones will only accept 3 messages. Our 1 strategic partner might be late to upload media messages. The software will automatically move their messages to the top spot. The rest of the restaurants will move down, and depending where their message is in queue, they will reach fewer phones.

This is truly advanced software that even helps restaurants to source business during lunch hours. To understand, we need to explain with the picture how the phone app will constantly collect data and leave data per geographical area. The phone app will collect data within a 5-km radius and depending on the geographical area; the phone will enlarge the data collection radius.


If the app user drives along a highway as explained in the example, the phone software (on the server and not on the user’s phone) will constantly update data to be released once the client gets to an area where he stops. If it is around lunch time, the app will ask the phone owner if he/she perhaps want information from restaurants that offer great service and specials occasionally.

The software will therefore only publish information pertaining to the catchment area. All the data previously prepared will drop out. A restaurateur can decide at 12H00 to publish a special for the next 2 hours. This special will reach the people in your area, which includes guests that just arrived…


We believe that this is a fair business model where we list our initial partner’s messages first. Remember that we do our best to invite the best companies first. The business owners then decide if they want to make a difference and help bedridden patients. Also remember that all our campaigns will always be done with a “positive” message. We do not ask people to have empathy for patients. All the restaurants will in future register to receive free media coverage.


It is only a small number of people that committed to help patients during the set-up period. We need to give these people an edge and we will therefore use media to support them best. We also ask our financial advisors, estate agents and motor sales executives to support these partners. We will inform people in your community that these partners helped the Foundation while we were preparing to launch the app.

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