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Child Protection Organizations

Phone app development for child protection partners

The support plan includes much more than phone technology alone. The Homecare IT team must develop software that will integrate with e-mail campaigns etc, so that we can communicate the needs of child protection organizations effectively towards the people we target.


The most difficult part of the development is not the phone app and the way we push messages and media to phone users. It is actually the advanced financial software needed to provide the services to the different organizations.


Readers should remember that our initial plan was to only source funds that would have been paid into one organization (Homecare Foundation) and the one organizations would have paid funds towards thousands of caretakers.


We now have to re-develop the software so that we can source funds and pay it to the different child protection partners. The software must also provide reports to the different management teams.

We gave a commitment that the Homecare team will keep on developing advanced software, and also implement and manage business plans until we reach a target of raising R97 million per month, which we can use to help fund child protection organizations.


To help readers understand how we will achieve this daunting task, we decided to explain the focus points in blocks. Keep in mind that we work on a business plan that enables us to ask a large number of South Africans to help fill-up shortfalls during the December period. The number of people that can help a branch will unfortunately be determined by the support we receive from branches during the pre-launch period.    


You will also later read about our fundraising targets. We explain to the public that we want to raise R53 million per month via the Enjoy Life phone app technology that we will use to help fund caretakers of bedridden patients. These funds will also be shared with child protection branches. We do not immediately want to inform the public about our intentions to engage them so that they can help on an individual basis with budget shortfalls. We first need to build a relationship with people before we can ask them for financial support. (We explain this a bit later)


The fundraising targets we set is based on the following:

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Homecare internal fundraising team (R3 million)

Our initial plan was never to employ our own fundraising team. We realized while we were doing market research amongst management teams that child protection organizations struggle to employ fundraisers that are successful.


Fully understanding the challenges, we decided that it will be better to employ a separate team that we can manage and that we can guide to approach the correct businesses.

We develop 5 additional software platforms so that we can create a safety net for child protection organizations. We will only employ this internal fundraising team after the additional software has been launched. The extra software platforms will be instrumental in our business plan to secure income out of grocery spending by + 1.75 million South Africans. We will also allocate enough time to find the correct persons that we will employ for this important job...  . (Read more...)

Grocery Spending (R72 million)


Probably the largest focus point of the Enjoy Life project is to encourage low income people to purchase their groceries via the digital voucher concept.


We do not think it will be difficult to accomplish. Most low-income persons want to use any tool possible to get more value for their limited funds. We also negotiate with all the food supplying companies to support the caretakers.


It will therefore not require any person who want to use the digital voucher concept to sacrifice shopping behaviours. They will still be able to purchase groceries from companies they preferred in the past.


The digital voucher project will be the back-bone on which we can support child protection organizations. (Read more...)

Beverage sales (R22.5 million)

The Enjoy Life app will raise a large amount via commission on beverage sales. Read in detail how the Enjoy Life app will encourage people to rate services and also how funds will be collected. (Read more…)

Homecare event management team (R200 000 per month)

The Homecare team also decided that we will need a separate team who will mostly work over week-ends to support child protection. This will be a younger team and these people will be placed all over the country in the major cities. (Read more...)


Homecare Ambassadors (1 500 estate agents responsible for 4 500 smaller fundraising events)


The Homecare board invites estate agents per geographical area into a unique partnership. The agents receive the most expensive software platform ever developed, to help increase their market share.  

This software also interlinks with the Enjoy Life app and will in future also integrate with the personnel recruitment software. The only thing we require from a property principal is to be an "Ambassador" of the Homecare Foundation. They help us with fundraising events.

The fundraising is explained in more detail under the Fundraising targets. We will distribute 50% of the funds we raise via this campaigns amongst child protection branches.

Larger fundraising events (Musical concerts etc)

This section is also explained in more detail under the Fundraising targets. It is information that we already publish in the public domain. We will also share 50% of these funds with child protection organizations. All the funds we raised from the Fundraising events will be shared with child protection branches during December periods. 

December pledge campaigns with residents to raise an additional R254 million.

An important focus point is to get the residents involved in helping child protection organizations. We do a lot of IT work so that it will be possible to ask residents for small pledges. We decided that it will be more efficient if we ask a resident to pledge a small amount over a 3-month period.   

The number of residents linked to a branch will be determined by the support we receive during the pre-launch period.

There is a lot of work involved in securing strong relationships with residents. This focus point will ultimately be the most important focus point. This is the last safety net that will enable child protection organizations to provide much needed services to children. (Read more...)

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